Econographe French Flanders - Dunkirk 2019-2020

Article publié le jeudi 12 déc. 2019
Organisme auteur : AGUR Dunkerque
Date de parution : 12/12/2019

The publication of the Econographe magazine always provides a wonderful opportunity to take a step back and look at our economy. And we have to admit that the French Flanders-Dunkirk region is currently experiencing dynamics unprecedented since the period when companies set up in the area at the end of the 80s. The CAP 2020 project, the Turbine, the Wormhout business incubator, free public transport, the Innovation Territory project, not to mention the rewards reaped from the movie “Dunkirk” by Christopher Nolan... all the stops have been pulled out for the territory’s new-found appeal and economic upturn.
It is still too early to see all the benefits of the actions involving our long-term development. Nevertheless, we can already see that private investments are coming thick and fast. They are reaching historic levels, and bear witness to the trust that the big service and industry names have in us.
As a result, the AGUR has had to add pages to the Econographe, a reference work that seeks to be both comprehensive yet very concise. Its findings serve as benchmarks for strategies involving the areas of employment, future industries, business sites and investments... It’s also an invitation to work together towards the harmonious development of the French Flanders-Dunkirk region, a territory booming with energy and innovation. ​


​Econographe 2019 / 2020


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